The international Board of Six Sigma today announced the winner of the best new training program in the journey of covid-19 recovery. Several factors was considered before the winner was announced. There were 2,800 programs in total submission made and we declared Six Sigma Academy the winner of this award. Six Sigma Academy is a  consulting and training company based in Fiji Islands.

Dave Holtan the chief accessor said it was tough decisions as many organizations from the globe are their members and all members summitted their new program that were effective and realistically developed. “We run this award program every 5 years and since every nation is affected with covid-19 recession, we created vetting matrix in looking at parameters that can support an organization in overall nation building” . Six Sigma Academy has its effective online training programs from their eLearning platform and recently it has generated lot of interest from Fiji, PNG, Spain, Brazil, Australia, USA, UK , Indian, Taiwan and China. Six Sigma Academy was given international accreditation in Jan 2019 and in short period time they have aligned a well structured online training and examination platform that are fully supported and approved by our members. Mr Holtan congratulates Six Sigma Academy’s director Mr Sachin Singh who has worked day and night in creating and developing effective programs. This award will enable and motivate him to continue to create new programs in this pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in societal disruption and loss of life at a global level. One of the most disruptive issues of the crisis is the uncertainty inherent to the virus and its management. The uncertainty in this context includes the economy, employment, finances, physical and mental health of people around us. Uncertainty can leave us feeling anxious, stressed and powerless over the direction of our lives. The professional discipline of Lean Six Sigma as a powerful Operational Excellence methodology has the potential to address some aspects of this uncertainty, enhance understanding and provide practitioners and academics in the field with effective guidance to mitigate and manage COVID-19.

Mr Holtan said he looks forward to the next award program that is in 2025 and encourages all its members to create realistic programs in realistic times.


Dave Holtan- Chairperson IBSA


Sachin Singh-Director Six Sigma Academy