Date: 27/11/20  Source: SIX SIGMA DAILY NEWS

Study Finds Lean Six Sigma Can Boost Food Industry Performance

A study from scientists in Brazil and South Carolina has found the application of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in the food industry positively affected overall performance and can have a great impact if more businesses adopt its strategies.

The study, published in Food Control, calls for more people in management and leadership positions to become Lean Six Sigma practitioners, something that has been found to be a key to success across all industries….

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Date: 11/11/20  Source: IBSA News

Six Sigma Academy Wins Top Award

The international Board of Six Sigma today announced the winner of the best new training program in the journey of covid-19 recovery. Several factors was considered before the winner was announced. There were 2800 programs in total submission made and we declared Six Sigma Academy the  winner of this award. Six Sigma Academy is a  consulting and training company based in Fiji Islands …

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Date: 9/10//20 Source: Six Sigma Daily News

How Six Sigma Improves Sustainability

In the past decade, more businesses than ever have emphasized sustainability as a core part of operations. Whether mandated by government regulations or generated from a sense of corporate responsibility

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Date: 17/09/20   Six Sigma Daily News

University Wins Award For Employing Lean To Create A Culture of Continuous Improvement

A Lean-driven program from the University of California – San Diego has won a CIO 100 Award for providing an example of how IT leadership, business partnerships and customer engagement …

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Date: 22/08/20  Six Sigma Daily News

French Company Turns To Lean To Weather Coronavirus Crisis

A French company battered by the economic fallout from lockdowns has turned to Lean strategies to make the company more efficient both during and after the coronavirus crisis. The company’s …

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Date: 12/07/20 Source: Six Sigma Daily News

Recovery in Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in societal disruption and loss of life at a global level. One of the most disruptive issues of the crisis is the uncertainty inherent to the virus and its management. The uncertainty in this context includes the economy, employment, finances, physical and mental health of people around us. Uncertainty can leave us feeling anxious, stressed and powerless over the direction of our lives. The professional discipline of Lean Six Sigma as a powerful Operational Excellence methodology has the potential to address some aspects of this uncertainty, enhance understanding and provide practitioners and academics in the field with effective guidance to mitigate and manage COVID-19.
Current epidemiological approaches towards COVID-19 are based on sound objectives:….

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Date: 7/06/20 Source: Six Sigma Daily News

How to Use Six Sigma in Fraud Detection

Stopping financial fraud before it happens is a better approach than having to address the issues after the fact. In this regard, some have implemented tools and techniques of Six …

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Date: 09/05/20

How To Use Six Sigma to Improve Social Media Marketing

Six Sigma got its start in manufacturing, but the benefits it provides extend far beyond the factory floor. Any operation stands to benefit by applying the tools and techniques provided …

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Date: 19/04/20

New York Chemical Company Teams With Students on Six Sigma

What can students possibly teach an experienced chemical company about how to better run its operations? No one knows for sure, yet, but the important thing is that a New …

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